Acabo de subir a la tienda algo hecho con un material totalmente distinto a la tela,
gracias a mi amiga Mónica he descubierto la cerámica!
Yo me estoy haciendo un par de jarrones, pero como no podía ser de otra manera, lo primero que hice fué algo relacionado con la costura:



Hay más modelos:


These are my first works with pottery, I went to a couple of workshops offered by my beloved friend Mónica, and I really liked the material. I has nothing to do with the process of working with textiles, your brain has a very different way to approach the piece you want to make. Ceramic is somehow more «direct», you don`t have to overthink too much, if you want f.e a circle you just cut it, you can attach it to the piece you´re making and if you don`t like the effect, take it off and turn the circle into another shape.
Another thing is that you work on the right side of the piece, with textiles you work most of the time inside out, and is only after you have finished sewing each part of it when you can see the result of what you are making, and the you continue shaping it!

But….. of course pottery has it`s own tricks and difficulties, one is that the measure changes quite a lot once it is baked, it gets a lot smaller. And what I find more intrincate is that the color of the pigments has nothing to do when you apply them from the colour that comes out from the oven! Wow, you have to reteach your eye and your brain to know what you`re doing. I`m afraid I`ll have to make a lot of wrong colour combinations to get that :)


Zeramikan hasi berria naiz, hortaz normala den moduan, gauza arraroak ateratzen zaizkit. Ni dena den arro arro nago nere lehenengo potearekin, nahiz eta ez nuen espero horrelako kolore arroxa gelatinoso bat! Saloian ondo geratzen da, eta bai ni, bai Kalanchoea, oso pozik gaude.
Banabil beste lorontzi bat egiten, ea zertan bukatzen duen…
Mila esker Moni!!!!!!!



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