Txuriak txuri

Atzo brodatu proiektu berria hasi nuen. Oraindik guztia egiteke dago, ideia garatu, forma eman eta noski, harietara eramatea. Baina hau da nere basea: maidire baten goiko partea. Brodatu zaharrak nere hariekin nahastuko dira… ea zer ateratzen den!

Ayer arranqué nuevo proyecto de bordado. Y lo hice de la mejor de las maneras, rodeada de otras bordadoras! Nos juntamos amigas y alumnas, bastidor en mano, a tomar algo al son de las agujas… infinítamente agusto. ¡Hay que tomar las calles y los bares! Repetiremos.
Si nos véis, os podéis unir ;)

New embroidery project on the go! By the moment I have just an idea of which direction I wanna take, the colours I`m going to use, and a couple of things more. The most important, the base fabric I`m using… an old bed sheet already embroidered. Let`s see how my stitches fit in it!


Stuck in the middle with you

Ladies you start,
ladies that you don`t know where they want to go,
ladies that raise doubts about your aptitudes.

Me, myself and her
I this one a warrior? Hope so.
An avenger from the victorian era? Wish so.
Or maybe a creature of a japanese tale? Could be.
But, to give her a kimono isn`t the easy way? I`m afraid so.
What`s wrong about it? (…)
Aren`t you able to make a complex lady in a kimono? I am.
What you want to do? I don`t know.
*Edit: Finally nor a warrior, nor victorian… the result here.

Blue hair matters
What kind of hairdo could possibly wear a lady like this? I`ve tried a couple, or a bunch of couples… hair is always a big thing to me. Usually I use wool felt to make it, but some ladies require another kind of materials, because their skin and nature are “from another world”.
I believe this lady has become the biggest challenge in this matter; I can`t find the material, nor the haircut. I simply don`t see it. Maybe we are in front of the first bold lady… XD

Patience has four legs
This one is awaiting to get her pattern improved.
I outlined her years ago, yes, years.
How long will I need to take the time to redraw that legs, that belly, and finally create a centaur-lady? I really don`t know. Time and organization is the great issue I struggle with.

I close the computer to give the red, green and white lady another chance.