Stuck in the middle with you

Ladies you start,
ladies that you don`t know where they want to go,
ladies that raise doubts about your aptitudes.

Me, myself and her
I this one a warrior? Hope so.
An avenger from the victorian era? Wish so.
Or maybe a creature of a japanese tale? Could be.
But, to give her a kimono isn`t the easy way? I`m afraid so.
What`s wrong about it? (…)
Aren`t you able to make a complex lady in a kimono? I am.
What you want to do? I don`t know.
*Edit: Finally nor a warrior, nor victorian… the result here.

Blue hair matters
What kind of hairdo could possibly wear a lady like this? I`ve tried a couple, or a bunch of couples… hair is always a big thing to me. Usually I use wool felt to make it, but some ladies require another kind of materials, because their skin and nature are «from another world».
I believe this lady has become the biggest challenge in this matter; I can`t find the material, nor the haircut. I simply don`t see it. Maybe we are in front of the first bold lady… XD

Patience has four legs
This one is awaiting to get her pattern improved.
I outlined her years ago, yes, years.
How long will I need to take the time to redraw that legs, that belly, and finally create a centaur-lady? I really don`t know. Time and organization is the great issue I struggle with.

I close the computer to give the red, green and white lady another chance.


Eta ikus dezazuen pilak jartzen ditudala eta esandakoa betetzen dudala, hementxe mahai gainean dudan lady bat: Amadea.

Pragan ospatzen den arte-panpinen lehiaketa batean parte hartzeko prestatzen ari naiz. Gaia Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart da, eta Amadea bat aurkeztea erabaki dut, generoarengatik galdu ditugun emakumezko «Mozart» guztien omenez.
Baina Amadeak gauzak zail xamar jartzen ari dizkit eta uste nuena baino denbora gehiago kostatzen ari zait, ez dakit epean bukatuko dudan… larri nabil!

I know that I have said this more than once, but I love the ladies when they are halfway!
This is Amadea, she has had a completely diferent hair, but I think that this is the feeling I want in her. We`ll see… XD

I am making it for this year`s contest of The Doll Prague exhibition. The theme is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and I`ve decided to make this lady, Amadea, to honour all the female composers and musicians that could not make their way because a lady was not suposed to play the violin or perfom in public once she reached a marriageable age.

But she`s being quite rebel and it`s taking me more time than I thought to make her…
I was late to get a stand as a exhibitor, I hope I can finish her on time to submit her to the competition!