Improvised textile oven

Let`s see how long it takes to get these little ones dry.

Last time I molded in ball shape I got short of stiffener, and the molds were not the proper ones, I used very hard wood balls that were imposible to pin on them. This time I have cork balls and a bit more of stiffener. Cross fingers.
With these optimization of the heat I hope to see the result in a few hours…
(The big half sphere will take much longer, one layer of buckram and another of a thick linen. It will take ages I´m afraid)

Can you guess what are they about to become this time? They are going to be a very diferent species.

On their way

I was looking for the time in this crazy December to work with Ladies. These days I`ve been in «photographic matters» among prints, frames and computer screen… finally I found it!
I had the last two Ladies of «The No Name» series in a limbo, waiting for their clothes and their character. I still have a lot to do to finish them, but they are nearly here. And I must say that I am very excited with them, can`t wait to see them complete.

Por fín he encontrado el hueco para ponerme con Ladies, diciembre es un mes loquísimo, tanto puente, tanta fiesta, tanto estado de excepción constante, en fín, lo he conseguido.
Estas son las dos Ladies que quedan para completar la serie de «Las Sin Nombre». Creo que ninguna de las tres anteriores ha pasado por aquí, pronto… ;)
Y sí, también son 5, como las 5 Godais, y las 5 de Utamaro. Cosas de la vida.
Todavía les queda un rato a las dos árticas estas, pero… asoman, asoman!

Jantzien oihala joyita faltsu hau da. Zerbait iletsua bilatzen ari nintzen eta, nola ez, Petatxon zegoen. Nere lagun eta ikasleei behin eta berriro esaten diet, Iruñean oihal bila bazaudete, badakizue nora jo. Denetarik dute, prezio onean, eta haiek izugarri jatorrak dira… Gozadika.