The Secretary


I made this Lady as a custom order for a secretary that was about to begin her retirement. The company wanted to thank her the 23 years of work, so they decided to talk with me to make a representation of who she was.
So glad about it, of course! Though it has not been an easy lady to came out, you can see a simple white shirt, but it took me so long to reach there. Many diferent fabrics and shapes until I got to this.
One of the clues I was working with was to make a secretary inspired on the 50s, I think that finally she`s a mix of periods… (it happens to me very often). The glasses are the responsible of the mid-century look, Txo!? designed and made them with a 3D printer. Technique that I think it` s going to be very usefull and propper for the Ladies from now on ;)


Me encargaron esta Lady para una secretaria que iba a jubilarse, la empresa quería agradecerle los 23 años de trabajo. Las claves fueron: una secretaria inspirada en los años 50; y uno de los retos: las gafas.
Como las nuevas tecnologías no están reñidas con las técnicas más tradicionales de producción (la clave está, como en todo, en encontrar un equilibrio), me pareció que la impresión 3D podía ser lo mejor en este caso. Dicho y hecho, tengo la suerte de contar con cómplices  estupendos y Txo!? le hizo unas gafas cincuenteras. Geniales por cierto ;)

Me consta que The Secretary y la secretaria ya se han conocido, y reconocido. Así que yo estoy infinitamente contenta.


Eta hauxe da Lady-en garraiobidea, hemen ere konplize galantak izan nituen eta elkarlanean egin ziren. Ni osoosososoosososo pozik nago Lady-en kutxekin, eta post berezia merezi dute,  beraz beste momenturen batean azalduko dizuet atzean duten lana!


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I`ve started the year making ladies (among other things), and apart from a custom-lady in wich I am working on, I`m about to finish three creatures full of power and magic. This one of them.
She`s in the middle of the process so I don`t know how she is going to end, but I always find interesting the characters that appear in the different stages.

You will meet her and her two friends quite soon…



The limits of magic


Three years ago magic left home. I can`t remember the exact date, suddenly she was not were she used to. Too much reality I guess.


Last week I received a telegram, «I AM ON MY WAY. STOP. LOOKING FORWARD TO HUGGING YOU. STOP. AGAIN. FULLSTOP». Hope I recognize her.