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Water is an infinite source of creation.



I`ve tried a new method to mould fabric: steaming.
It is by far the cleanest one and also you don`t need any special stuff, just the steamer you use for cooking and any kind of material to give the shape. I´ve used cork balls, but you can use anything you can wrap and tie to your fabric (mines were already covered with plastic because last time I used them with stiffener, but with this steaming method it´s not necessary to do so. Although I think it can be «safer» to avoid to tranfer unwanted colours).

I chose a green silk gauze for this first attempt. I´ve heard that synthetic materials also shape well with steam, but I can´t assure it. Usually natural fibers react better to most of the fabric manipulation techniques and I also tend to choose them, so… silk it is.

Wanna try?


Wrap your fabric to the chosen objects and tie them with cord or rubber bands.
You can use any «mould»,  balls, coins, nails, buttons, dices, bottle cups, whatever. Just make use that the material accepts heat and that it´s not dirty.


Steam for at least 10 minutes.
Wait until the fabric is cold, and take it out of the pot.


Leave it to dry.
Time will depend on the temperature of your space and the fabric you´ve used.
The important thing is that it must be completely dry before the next step.
Ready? Cut the ties and unmould it…

Tah dah!!!


Manipulación textil

¡Hola, hola!
El tiempo vuela y al igual que sin darme cuenta hace más de un mes que no posteo nada por aquí, también como quien no quiere la cosa se acerca el final del curso.
Mañana empezamos el último bloque, y con él la última técnica: manipulación textil.

These are some samples of the fabric manipulation exercises for tomorrow`s class. If you are not familiar with this technique, it`s about transforming flat fabric into a three dimensional piece, giving volume, shape and texture through strategic stitches.
It`s infite, there are so many different ways of doing it, with incredible results… I think I will continue with the research, and go deeper in this field, I love it.

Datozen bi klaseetan hurbilketa bat egingo dugu, eta ariketa pare bat burutzeko gai izango dira, baina gogoz geratuko direla uste dut. Ni bezalaxe.
Beste egunean lagunekin komentatzen genuen zenbat eta zenbat denbora eramaten duen eskuz edozein proiektua burutzea eta nola pazientzia garatu behar duzun beharrezkoak diren hamaika faseetan zehar. Grabatua, zeramika, eta joskintzari buruz ari ginen, baina edozertara aplikatu daiteke. Luzeegiak gure burutazioak hemen uzteko, baina tira, frustrazioa eta super-satisfakzioa elkarbizitzen dutela prozesu guztian zehar. Erokeririk gabe mundua ez du zentzurik!

Como me he picado con esto y me parece interesantísimo, voy a preparar un curso monográfico para quien quiera explorar las posibilidades plásticas que ofrece el tejido. ¡Porque es marvellous! Intentaré que sea para antes del verano… ;)