More flower-progress

Yes, one kind of the new flowers I`m developing is going to be handpainted. :)
It was the time to start making my own «printed» textiles, don´t you think? This is just a small approach to this matter, this project is just for decorative purposes and it is not going to be washed, so this time I have used common watercolours.

It has worked great with blues, but I`m not convinced with the yellows and oranges. I think I am going to try to do it again with a very watery fabric paint.
The fabric I`m using is cheesecloth, I really like this absolutely humble textile and I`m willing to take it to many different levels. Apart from painting, I want to dye it. Can`t wait to have enough time and avocados to try this way to turn it pink. Maybe I need to plan a guacamole party XD

*If you are interested in natural dyes, I highly recommend Rebecca Desnos. Her blog has lots of examples and experiments with lovely pictures.


Por el momento el experimento de ayer me ha dado una familia de criaturas marinas. No era la intención pero oye, majetes ya me parecen…
Ahora tengo que ver si les meto mano para llevarlos a mi idea inicial, o sigo con lo que me cuenten estos.

Conclusions of one of the experiments:
– Too soft, too delicate. I need more quantity of stiffener.
– Is going to be very tricky to get a neat sphere this way.
– The accidental results are always worthy. And fan-tas-tic.