Warm winter

Finally I am able to tell you all the trips that The Ladies are about to make this coming months!
I`m so happy to anounce that we have a two week exhibition in Bilbao, at Bilbaoarte. There they will be wondering about balance, and its importance in the path of life.
Another group of Ladies will move to Prague to attend to Doll Prague V. International Exhibition. Amadea is going back, this year well guarded by Frija and Inanna; they will be accompanied by another ten Ladies: mermaids, extrange creatures and a magician.
(Oh, and in a special carriage a Queen will travel with us, ssshhh don`t tell anyone…)
In mid december we will fly to Russia, a big jump, but I know for certain that at least two of the Ladies visiting Moscow will feel like home. At Art of Doll Beruta will become a storyteller with a Winter Tale, what a better place to do it than a cold cold city.

No need to say, that we are so exited, happy, hopeful, thankful, exhausted, nervous and many other things altogether!

I will be revealing which Lady has a ticket to go where. If not here, they will be appearing one by one at their instagram account beruta.ladies. So, if you want to know which Lady is in town, just check it there ;)

Woopee! On the move!

Amadea «The Third»

«My Praguers understand me.»
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is a quote that has survived about the feelings of Mozart for Prague. And it has been the theme of the contest of III Doll Prague Exhibition. Now I can say that I am agree with him, I make his words mine…


I am super happy! We are super happy!
It has been a splash of hope, I was really needing it…
Lots of diferent lights appeared in the horizon of Praha.

At Doll Prague I found many diferent ways of understanding the art-doll concept. Very interesting points of view, lots of techniques and materials, sizes… I have the feeling that it is an «open minded» world, more than I thought. And I believe that there can be a place for The Ladies. And for me. Next year we will go as exhibitors, no doubt about it ;)

I saw many beautiful pieces there… all of them with loads of hours behind, loads of care, full of comitment and love. Here is a small sample of the exquisite creatures I met at the exhibition:

A sister of this violin player won the first place of the contest. Inga Ivashchenko mixes porcelain and fabric, very finely, I love her folds and the volume she gives to the fabric.

Olga Sukach was the guest artist and there was an exhibition of her work; art dolls & photography. I find the lady above with a very strong and defined character, I love her face, the more you stare at her, the more you get into her soul. It`s like she`s got a lot to say, silent keeping all the thoughts for her.

I have to apologise the following artists because I can`t credit them properly, I`m so sorry. I started the tour taking pictures of the names to remember, but it happens that I didn`t make it.
This said, let`s go to see the fair…
Seguir leyendo «Amadea «The Third»»

Amadea on the road

I made it! Amadea is right now on her way to Prague! Yeah!

As I told you in my last post, she is going to take part in the contest the Doll Prague Exhibition has organized. I believe she is quite nervous because she knows that she will be a «rara avis» among all those dolls with beautiful faces, but she is also excited to represent her species and meet mates!

Me myself will also fly to Praga, it`s the first time I visit a Doll Fair. I can`t wait to see what`s going on in this field, I am going to enjoy so much all the different expresions, the craftmanship (and craftwomanship!). I`m also very curious about what the opinion of the dollmaker collegues about Amadea, and in extension of The Ladies.

Of course I`m willing to share points of view, to hear about their paths, their way of working etc… It`s going to be a great experience!
And Praga is beautiful, isn`t it!? :)))))


He conseguido terminar Amadea a tiempo, y ya está camino de Praga. Yo le alcanzaré un poco más tarde, para el inicio de la Doll Prague Exhibition.

La presento para el concurso que organizan como parte de la feria. El tema de este año era Mozart, así que he hecho una «Mozart», una Amadea, en honor a todas las compositoras que nos hemos perdido porque siendo mujeres no les estaba permitido desarrollar la profesión.

Amadea va a estar rodeada de muñecas de un nivel de detalle muy alto, virguerías artesanales, muñecas articuladas de distintos materiales, caritas muy expresivas… en fín, que sabemos que no vamos a ganar. Pero vamos a Praga! Yujuuu!

Guztia prest! Bagoaz Pragara tralara tralara!