More flower-progress

Yes, one kind of the new flowers I`m developing is going to be handpainted. :)
It was the time to start making my own «printed» textiles, don´t you think? This is just a small approach to this matter, this project is just for decorative purposes and it is not going to be washed, so this time I have used common watercolours.

It has worked great with blues, but I`m not convinced with the yellows and oranges. I think I am going to try to do it again with a very watery fabric paint.
The fabric I`m using is cheesecloth, I really like this absolutely humble textile and I`m willing to take it to many different levels. Apart from painting, I want to dye it. Can`t wait to have enough time and avocados to try this way to turn it pink. Maybe I need to plan a guacamole party XD

*If you are interested in natural dyes, I highly recommend Rebecca Desnos. Her blog has lots of examples and experiments with lovely pictures.



Bueno, pues con las bolas enmoldadas pretendía hacer unas flores, extrañas, pero flores. Pretendía que fueran parte de una pieza que estoy montado, con la que a su vez pretendía presentarme a una convocatoria para una exposición colectiva a unos cuantos miles de kilómetros.
Finalmente tengo unas cascaras de huevo y también unas flores-lámpara-medusa que ya os enseñaré cuando descubra cómo ponerles un tallo; la pieza a la que iban destinadas se ha quedado en stand by, pero he mandado otra que encaja bien con la convocatoria. A ver si hay suerte…


Para conseguir la firmeza que necesitaba para hacer la segunda pieza, endurecí ligeramente una gasa de seda. Y el resultado me ha parecido una maravilla!
Gracias a los astros hice dos medias esferas, una se ha convertido en una amapola (ese era su objetivo) y la otra la he podido dejar así, una cálida cúpula que creo que va a encontrar una habitante.



Por el momento el experimento de ayer me ha dado una familia de criaturas marinas. No era la intención pero oye, majetes ya me parecen…
Ahora tengo que ver si les meto mano para llevarlos a mi idea inicial, o sigo con lo que me cuenten estos.

Conclusions of one of the experiments:
– Too soft, too delicate. I need more quantity of stiffener.
– Is going to be very tricky to get a neat sphere this way.
– The accidental results are always worthy. And fan-tas-tic.


Experimenting sunday

If I ever meet a lamp with a genius inside I will ask him/her for more time to create.

I am willing to make loads of things and to try and experiment others, but by the moment it`s just me myself and I to manage everything, so days go by in many kinds of computer work. Although some are also creative and I enjoy them, the fact is that when I fell really well is when my hands are involved…

The only «problem» I have with it is to deal with patience until you get to see the piece completed. To see the first step of these white figures done I guess I`ll have to wait about 24 hours, the cloth needs to get dry!

I`m not sure at all if it`s going to work, because I have used the stiffener without measuring it, so… maybe I have not used enough. I know, stupid thing to do when the molding of the shapes needs a good amount of time, I know. Ups.
Second wish to ask to the genius, I have one left ;)