Stuck in the middle with you

Ladies you start,
ladies that you don`t know where they want to go,
ladies that raise doubts about your aptitudes.

Me, myself and her
I this one a warrior? Hope so.
An avenger from the victorian era? Wish so.
Or maybe a creature of a japanese tale? Could be.
But, to give her a kimono isn`t the easy way? I`m afraid so.
What`s wrong about it? (…)
Aren`t you able to make a complex lady in a kimono? I am.
What you want to do? I don`t know.
*Edit: Finally nor a warrior, nor victorian… the result here.

Blue hair matters
What kind of hairdo could possibly wear a lady like this? I`ve tried a couple, or a bunch of couples… hair is always a big thing to me. Usually I use wool felt to make it, but some ladies require another kind of materials, because their skin and nature are «from another world».
I believe this lady has become the biggest challenge in this matter; I can`t find the material, nor the haircut. I simply don`t see it. Maybe we are in front of the first bold lady… XD

Patience has four legs
This one is awaiting to get her pattern improved.
I outlined her years ago, yes, years.
How long will I need to take the time to redraw that legs, that belly, and finally create a centaur-lady? I really don`t know. Time and organization is the great issue I struggle with.

I close the computer to give the red, green and white lady another chance.

Amadea on the road

I made it! Amadea is right now on her way to Prague! Yeah!

As I told you in my last post, she is going to take part in the contest the Doll Prague Exhibition has organized. I believe she is quite nervous because she knows that she will be a «rara avis» among all those dolls with beautiful faces, but she is also excited to represent her species and meet mates!

Me myself will also fly to Praga, it`s the first time I visit a Doll Fair. I can`t wait to see what`s going on in this field, I am going to enjoy so much all the different expresions, the craftmanship (and craftwomanship!). I`m also very curious about what the opinion of the dollmaker collegues about Amadea, and in extension of The Ladies.

Of course I`m willing to share points of view, to hear about their paths, their way of working etc… It`s going to be a great experience!
And Praga is beautiful, isn`t it!? :)))))


He conseguido terminar Amadea a tiempo, y ya está camino de Praga. Yo le alcanzaré un poco más tarde, para el inicio de la Doll Prague Exhibition.

La presento para el concurso que organizan como parte de la feria. El tema de este año era Mozart, así que he hecho una «Mozart», una Amadea, en honor a todas las compositoras que nos hemos perdido porque siendo mujeres no les estaba permitido desarrollar la profesión.

Amadea va a estar rodeada de muñecas de un nivel de detalle muy alto, virguerías artesanales, muñecas articuladas de distintos materiales, caritas muy expresivas… en fín, que sabemos que no vamos a ganar. Pero vamos a Praga! Yujuuu!

Guztia prest! Bagoaz Pragara tralara tralara!