Secretos… de almohada

Desioak, beldurrak eta aitorpenak
orbainak balira
ohean azalazi dira.

This is how the sketch ended after a week stitching.
A pillow full of words, marks, secret codes and songs.

Así ha terminado lo que así arrancó.
Ya os dejaré leer los secretos, algunos podréis desvelarlos… Otros no.

º º º

º º


Tyria Lucens

Ipurtargiek, desagertzen ari diren garai honetan, sits bat dute lagun.

The Tyria Lucens is a recently discovered species, it happens to be a mutation of Tyria Jacobaeae. Her lack colour could be an adaptation to avoid the atention of her principal predator, the human being. During the early 2000s the elegant black and red wings of Jacobaeae became so popular in the haute cuisine that turned this species nearly extinct.

Apart from the loss of the pigmentation, her iconic marks have become luminiscent due to the high levels of a toxine that makes her deadly poisonous.
Long live Tyria Lucens!

. . .

Esta mutación de la Tyria Jacobaeae está hecha de seda salvaje, gasa de seda, satén, pelo de vaca, hilo de bordar luminiscente, alambre y relleno. No es vegana pero sí sostenible.
Hace mucho que no compro suministros de origen animal -más alla de lana y esporádicamente seda- pero tengo todavía algunas piezas de cuero y considero que lo mejor que puedo hacer con ellas es darles uso (¿Os acordáis de la La Loba?). El mejor material y el más sostenible es el que ya tienes, eso es así. En este caso además la seda salvaje es un retal de un vestido de novia que me regalaron (¿Os acordáis de Blanche?) y el satén es de un camisón, imagino que tambien de boda, que también me pasaron. Joyitas.

. . .

Warm winter

Finally I am able to tell you all the trips that The Ladies are about to make this coming months!
I`m so happy to anounce that we have a two week exhibition in Bilbao, at Bilbaoarte. There they will be wondering about balance, and its importance in the path of life.
Another group of Ladies will move to Prague to attend to Doll Prague V. International Exhibition. Amadea is going back, this year well guarded by Frija and Inanna; they will be accompanied by another ten Ladies: mermaids, extrange creatures and a magician.
(Oh, and in a special carriage a Queen will travel with us, ssshhh don`t tell anyone…)
In mid december we will fly to Russia, a big jump, but I know for certain that at least two of the Ladies visiting Moscow will feel like home. At Art of Doll Beruta will become a storyteller with a Winter Tale, what a better place to do it than a cold cold city.

No need to say, that we are so exited, happy, hopeful, thankful, exhausted, nervous and many other things altogether!

I will be revealing which Lady has a ticket to go where. If not here, they will be appearing one by one at their instagram account beruta.ladies. So, if you want to know which Lady is in town, just check it there ;)

Woopee! On the move!