Confess, sewing lover, you have a special «thing» with materials. We all love to treasure them, search for rarities and catch them, collect scraps, organize them, from time to time have a look into our jewelry boxes, touch them, and enjoy the feeling that it`s all yours… You can use it if you want to.

Each of us has got its own weaknesses, mine are buttons, ribbons and, as you can see, laces.
If they are antique or vintage even better. The truth is that I use them in my work quite rarely, but I think it`s a very meaningful and powerful material. When you need lace, you need lace.
And it has nothing to do an industrial one with a handmade one. You literally feel the care, hours and intentions that someone left in one of those delicate pieces.

One of my mottos to create is «You already have the perfect material in your studio». Most of the time it is true, so firstly I do my best to find it among my stuff. I believe that this way you, first of all, have a more sustainable way to work, and as a result, you need to push your creativity to give to the material the feeling, shape, texture or whatever you are looking for. I think that when it works out the piece turns to be very special and complex.
(Sometimes though the material you`re looking for is actually in the haberdashery, the fabric store, the hardware store or anywhere out there…)

I`m a humble collector, I buy materials in small amounts and I get others when they come to me. I am lucky enough to be in people`s minds when they have old fashioned trimmings or their grandma`s treasury box (I told you, every seamstress is a scrap-collector XD).
Anyway, the main paradise for me is a good flea market. If you have one in your city, I`m very jealous of you, how I wish to have each Sunday the opportunity to find old 1900`s dresses to save the laces!!!