Lady #128

I told you how Inanna came to life in the previous post; a couple of weeks ago I went with her to the beach, to Getaria to be exact, and she came to life again. Here is Inanna and her tale.

. . .

“Descend to take breath”

It`s not true that we choose our battles -at least not always- what we choose is the path, and they come by themselves.

Inanna chose her path; she needed to go deep, up to the underworld to visit shadow. She knew that she wont be able to fight any more battles succesfully if she didn`t take that trip.

As the laws of the underworld demand, she got rid of everything she was wearing, one piece at the time.
Finally, naked, she met Her, the shadow was just the way she was the last time they saw each other.

She was still intense and powerful, but during this time in exile She learnt to shout even louder.
Inanna, vulnerable but pride, approached Her and asked, “How can you still be alive? What sense does it make, complaining all the time? Don`t you see how ridicule you are?”.
The answer din`t wait too long, She drop all her anger on to Inanna and opening each and every bound of her She killed her.

. . .

No one knows what happened next, neither how seven days and ten nights after, Inanna appeared in the same place that saw her disappear.

She was the same, but different.

. . .

*Inanna`s tale is inspired by the Sumerian myth “Inanna`s descent into the underworld”.

La leyenda de Inanna, e Inanna misma, ha sido la protagonista del último boletín. Ahí está la historia en castellano -incluida alguna errata que no puedo corregir, maldita sea- así que he decidirlo dejarla en el blog en inglés, así aunque dando vueltas nos podemos enterar todos y todas. Cuando la ponga a la web también estará en euskera, pero las batallas una a una mejor!

Dejo aquí el link de acceso al Berutanews n. 17:

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To give up or not to give up

That is the question.

One of the things you have to deal in this path is rejection. Although I have been trying to make a living out of my textile art from a lot of time, I`m quite new at presenting my work to open calls, magazines etc. And, of course, I have been rejected -or not selected- in many of them.

Another skill to develop! Make a good portfolio, transmit your vision, learn how to sell your work without being embarrased, and be clever enough to know who are you talking to. That`s my goal right now, and I am aware that it`s about time, “trial and error”, and work to find the clues.

This is the last work I presented to an international textile art exhibition, “Dancing with myself.” This week has been published the selected artworks, and it was not among them.
So, as the piece itself, I started a mental dance about what did I made wrong, why I have not been accepted and, the big hit, am I ever going to find the place for my kind of work?
My first reaction -at least by now- is to answer it all in a negative way; but once you`ve had enough of self destruction, and once you have listened to the comforting words of those who believe in you, it`s time to begin a more gentle dance.

Two steps to take it with a grain of salt, another step to understand that this means nothing but that this work didn`t fit in that concrete project, a piruette to believe again that you can find the way to make it happen, and a turn to enjoy the dance.

I`m not giving up.
Not yet.

¡Extra, extra!

¡Las Ladies y la que os habla salieron hace unos días en el periódico!

Mikel Bernués ha hecho un recorrido más que majo por mi proyecto laboral y vital. De dónde vienen las ladies, el paso de Amadea por Praga, en qué ando últimamente, e incluso alguna que otra intimidad de mi yo infantil, vergüencita jajaja.

Tenéis el artículo en la versión online del Diario de Noticias aquí.