Secretos… de almohada

Desioak, beldurrak eta aitorpenak
orbainak balira
ohean azalazi dira.

This is how the sketch ended after a week stitching.
A pillow full of words, marks, secret codes and songs.

Así ha terminado lo que así arrancó.
Ya os dejaré leer los secretos, algunos podréis desvelarlos… Otros no.

º º º

º º



Al fuego de San Juan eché dos pensamientos y algún “no” que otro.
Claramente escritos, en hilo morado, negro y fosforito, sobre el mejor lino que tengo.
Justo antes de que la tela se consumiera por completo rescaté un pedazo de la quema.

La única “a” de todo el texto,
la última letra de uno de los pensamientos,
sobrevivió augurando el inicio un nuevo ciclo.

Berutanews de subida


El nuevo boletín guarda una nueva escultura textil – la primera de una serie -, un fantástico cuento breve de Julio Cortázar, una enredadera con flores, cuatro o cinco escalones que unas veces suben y otras bajan, un destino imaginario, un pequeño jardín en blanco y negro que florece al ritmo de la música, y el enlace a tres maneras para vivir parte del inminente otoño cosiendo, cantando y charlando.
No es poco.

Lo podéis leer aquí: Berutanews n.27
Y si os gusta, os podéis suscribir aquí.


The joy

… of playing without a purpose.

I`ve been quite stressed lately, I have always an insane amount of things in my to do list, and the results of the hard work don´t come back the way they should be. Even if it doesn`t seem so from the outside, trying to make a living out of a creative-artistic-personal-ethical-freelance job is very tough most of the time. Don`t get me wrong, I am fully aware that there are paths much more harder than this one, but that doesn`t ease the concerns.

It`s difficult to flow and enjoy with so much uncertainty, so many wonderings about what you should do to make it work and -mainly- the weigh of “it`s all in your hands” quote (which by the the way, is a common but fake belief).
It`s been a while since I have troubles to trust my work and future, and I lose the sense of what I` ve chosen to do. That`s the truth. And as you will know, this is a fundamental attitude to get things done in a bright way and to be brave enough to make some moves. My catch 22 situation also applies to logistics, but that is a much more boring matter, so I` ll preserve you from it ;)

This said, there`s still hope. I think I am starting to make small steps, to change my mindset to feel the joy in a regular basis, relax and stitch by stitch be confident again. ​
Yesterday I decided to mow the grass of my cat´s pot, it was so beautiful that I collected it in one of my favourite dishes. I bought this wavy jewel in a flea market in a time where I was obsesed to find bathtubs for the ladies, this never served to that purpose, not until now. The bowl of grass was literally asking me to come inside, so I did it the only way I could: get the -first- bathing lady out of her foam bath and give her a grass bath. Lucky her.

Of course she is again taking her regular bath in her white and blue bathtub… You know, grass baths are rare experiencies that don`t last long. If anytime you have the chance, don´t doubt it, leave all behind and get into it.