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Water is an infinite source of creation.



I`ve tried a new method to mould fabric: steaming.
It is by far the cleanest one and also you don`t need any special stuff, just the steamer you use for cooking and any kind of material to give the shape. I´ve used cork balls, but you can use anything you can wrap and tie to your fabric (mines were already covered with plastic because last time I used them with stiffener, but with this steaming method it´s not necessary to do so. Although I think it can be “safer” to avoid to tranfer unwanted colours).

I chose a green silk gauze for this first attempt. I´ve heard that synthetic materials also shape well with steam, but I can´t assure it. Usually natural fibers react better to most of the fabric manipulation techniques and I also tend to choose them, so… silk it is.

Wanna try?


Wrap your fabric to the chosen objects and tie them with cord or rubber bands.
You can use any “mould”,  balls, coins, nails, buttons, dices, bottle cups, whatever. Just make use that the material accepts heat and that it´s not dirty.


Steam for at least 10 minutes.
Wait until the fabric is cold, and take it out of the pot.


Leave it to dry.
Time will depend on the temperature of your space and the fabric you´ve used.
The important thing is that it must be completely dry before the next step.
Ready? Cut the ties and unmould it…

Tah dah!!!


And the winner is…


I was having doubts about which colour use to match the blue flowers of the new flower series, so I asked your opinion and the results of the poll have been very clear… This time I painted the cloth with yellow fabric paint. Much better.
It`s time to sew, yellow flowers on the go!


Horiak irabazi du inkesta. Arrosa ordea ez du inork aukeratu, zergatik!? Hain da polita… Beno, aitortuko dizuet nere lehen aukera ere horia zela, hemendik tarteka hurbiltzen bazarete, jakingo duzue jada oso hori-zalea naizela. Beraz, pozik tintatu dut oihala!

Habéis elegido el amarillo, ¡bien! ¡Gracias por ayudarme a elegir!
Siguiendo con el parte técnico, las azules las hice con acuarela, pero en amarillo no me convencia, y definitivamente ha quedado mucho mejor con la pintura para tela, mucho más vivo que la acuarela.
Ahora toca coser. Muy muy pronto sacaré la colección a la venta ;)

More flower-progress

Yes, one kind of the new flowers I`m developing is going to be handpainted. :)
It was the time to start making my own “printed” textiles, don´t you think? This is just a small approach to this matter, this project is just for decorative purposes and it is not going to be washed, so this time I have used common watercolours.

It has worked great with blues, but I`m not convinced with the yellows and oranges. I think I am going to try to do it again with a very watery fabric paint.
The fabric I`m using is cheesecloth, I really like this absolutely humble textile and I`m willing to take it to many different levels. Apart from painting, I want to dye it. Can`t wait to have enough time and avocados to try this way to turn it pink. Maybe I need to plan a guacamole party XD

*If you are interested in natural dyes, I highly recommend Rebecca Desnos. Her blog has lots of examples and experiments with lovely pictures.