Improvised textile oven

Let`s see how long it takes to get these little ones dry.

Last time I molded in ball shape I got short of stiffener, and the molds were not the proper ones, I used very hard wood balls that were imposible to pin on them. This time I have cork balls and a bit more of stiffener. Cross fingers.
With these optimization of the heat I hope to see the result in a few hours…
(The big half sphere will take much longer, one layer of buckram and another of a thick linen. It will take ages I´m afraid)

Can you guess what are they about to become this time? They are going to be a very diferent species.



Por el momento el experimento de ayer me ha dado una familia de criaturas marinas. No era la intención pero oye, majetes ya me parecen…
Ahora tengo que ver si les meto mano para llevarlos a mi idea inicial, o sigo con lo que me cuenten estos.

Conclusions of one of the experiments:
– Too soft, too delicate. I need more quantity of stiffener.
– Is going to be very tricky to get a neat sphere this way.
– The accidental results are always worthy. And fan-tas-tic.


Experimenting sunday

If I ever meet a lamp with a genius inside I will ask him/her for more time to create.

I am willing to make loads of things and to try and experiment others, but by the moment it`s just me myself and I to manage everything, so days go by in many kinds of computer work. Although some are also creative and I enjoy them, the fact is that when I fell really well is when my hands are involved…

The only “problem” I have with it is to deal with patience until you get to see the piece completed. To see the first step of these white figures done I guess I`ll have to wait about 24 hours, the cloth needs to get dry!

I`m not sure at all if it`s going to work, because I have used the stiffener without measuring it, so… maybe I have not used enough. I know, stupid thing to do when the molding of the shapes needs a good amount of time, I know. Ups.
Second wish to ask to the genius, I have one left ;)

One stitch at a time

Si recibís el berutanews ya sabréis que este curso voy a sacar dos propuestas, el curso de costura y creatividad (con alguna variación que otra) y un curso nuevo que he estado preparando estos días atrás.

En septiembre os lo explico todo, pero por el momento dejo este par de foto-pistas, hagan sus apuestas! ;D

Zaila asmatzea, eh? jajaja Beno, ez dakizue noiz, non, ezta garrantzitsuena ere, nola… Misterioz josita dago bizitza, baina hau behintzat aste pare batean askatuko dugu. Adi egon!

Txuriak txuri

Atzo brodatu proiektu berria hasi nuen. Oraindik guztia egiteke dago, ideia garatu, forma eman eta noski, harietara eramatea. Baina hau da nere basea: maidire baten goiko partea. Brodatu zaharrak nere hariekin nahastuko dira… ea zer ateratzen den!

Ayer arranqué nuevo proyecto de bordado. Y lo hice de la mejor de las maneras, rodeada de otras bordadoras! Nos juntamos amigas y alumnas, bastidor en mano, a tomar algo al son de las agujas… infinítamente agusto. ¡Hay que tomar las calles y los bares! Repetiremos.
Si nos véis, os podéis unir ;)

New embroidery project on the go! By the moment I have just an idea of which direction I wanna take, the colours I`m going to use, and a couple of things more. The most important, the base fabric I`m using… an old bed sheet already embroidered. Let`s see how my stitches fit in it!

Stuck in the middle with you

Ladies you start,
ladies that you don`t know where they want to go,
ladies that raise doubts about your aptitudes.

Me, myself and her
I this one a warrior? Hope so.
An avenger from the victorian era? Wish so.
Or maybe a creature of a japanese tale? Could be.
But, to give her a kimono isn`t the easy way? I`m afraid so.
What`s wrong about it? (…)
Aren`t you able to make a complex lady in a kimono? I am.
What you want to do? I don`t know.
*Edit: Finally nor a warrior, nor victorian… the result here.

Blue hair matters
What kind of hairdo could possibly wear a lady like this? I`ve tried a couple, or a bunch of couples… hair is always a big thing to me. Usually I use wool felt to make it, but some ladies require another kind of materials, because their skin and nature are “from another world”.
I believe this lady has become the biggest challenge in this matter; I can`t find the material, nor the haircut. I simply don`t see it. Maybe we are in front of the first bold lady… XD

Patience has four legs
This one is awaiting to get her pattern improved.
I outlined her years ago, yes, years.
How long will I need to take the time to redraw that legs, that belly, and finally create a centaur-lady? I really don`t know. Time and organization is the great issue I struggle with.

I close the computer to give the red, green and white lady another chance.

Planes de futuro

Estar a remojo me ha sentado fan-tas-tik! Hacía mil que no me cogía dos semanas seguidas de vacaciones… pilas cargadas y ganas de darle duro a los Berutismos, en 2018 les encuentro sitios adecuados a las Ladies sí o sí, hombre ya!
Por lo pronto, hoy por la mañana me he inscrito en…

First decision after my holidays, I`m going back to Prague Doll, this time as an exhibitor!
I have just made the inscription for the 2018 edition, oh yeah!!!
This means that I must decide which Ladies will come with me, prepare all the visual material, and design the stall, among other things… this is the first time I´m going to participate in a fair abroad, I`m so excited!

Azaroan da, baina horren pozik nago kontatu behar nuela ;)
Aurreko bidaiaren ostean esan nuen aurten joango nintzela postuarekin, Lady kuadrilla on bat ezagutu zezaten, ez soilik Amadea. Maiz gertatzen zait gauzak okurritzen zaizkidala, argi ikusten dudala egin beharrekoa, eta azkenean gauza bat edo bestea dela eta aukera pasatzen zait, autoboikot moduko bat dela ziur naiz… oraingoan estrategia ez du funtzionatu, Pragara joango naiz!