A few days ago this was the aspect of a new lady.  Until I introduce her to you properly, we can call her «I».
«I» has become a warrior; when I started working on her I wanted to make a lady covered in golden sequins and at first I thought it was going to be similar to «Black jewel» (which you haven`t meet yet) or «Dancing with myself».

But as long as I was working I realised that she needed to become a diferent kind of girl.
Firstly these golden sequins were in a trim, so I had rows altogether and it forced me to go for another type of shaping around her. And more importantly it was not working well to cover the face with them like in the the other Ladies I mentioned.

So I changed completely the idea and went for the romantic but tough lady in which she has become, I`m so happy with the powerful «I»
I can`t wait to make the photo sesion to show her to you!
One of the clue elements that gave me the idea and character is the tiny ornament that you can see next to her on the table.

I found it at the flea market of Prague in the visit I made with Amadea. As many of you will know I am an ultra-fan of flea markets and second hand stuff, sadly in my town there`s no much of it and it`s hard to find treasures.
I must confess that I thought I was going to end my visit to Bleší Trhy barehanded, but in the last minute I found a basket full of ornaments and small parts of antique wooden boxes. I believe that made of copper though I`m not sure about it, the seller and myself got a hard but kind time trying to understand each other XD
So this little winged object (and another 6-7 more pieces) came with me to Pamplona with the intention to become a hairdress for a Lady.
So very soon you will know what else is behind it!

*Note: I have just remembered that a while ago I used another of these czech ornaments to disguise Belle, hahaha!

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