To give up or not to give up

That is the question.

One of the things you have to deal in this path is rejection. Although I have been trying to make a living out of my textile art from a lot of time, I`m quite new at presenting my work to open calls, magazines etc. And, of course, I have been rejected -or not selected- in many of them.

Another skill to develop! Make a good portfolio, transmit your vision, learn how to sell your work without being embarrased, and be clever enough to know who are you talking to. That`s my goal right now, and I am aware that it`s about time, «trial and error», and work to find the clues.

This is the last work I presented to an international textile art exhibition, «Dancing with myself.» This week has been published the selected artworks, and it was not among them.
So, as the piece itself, I started a mental dance about what did I made wrong, why I have not been accepted and, the big hit, am I ever going to find the place for my kind of work?
My first reaction -at least by now- is to answer it all in a negative way; but once you`ve had enough of self destruction, and once you have listened to the comforting words of those who believe in you, it`s time to begin a more gentle dance.

Two steps to take it with a grain of salt, another step to understand that this means nothing but that this work didn`t fit in that concrete project, a piruette to believe again that you can find the way to make it happen, and a turn to enjoy the dance.

I`m not giving up.
Not yet.

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